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04-01-2013, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by s7ark View Post
Given the new divisions I can't see a western team moving to the east. And given the NHL's knowledge of Canadian thirst for teams, I can't see an American team relocating to Canada again. They'd be leaving too much money in expansion fees on the table

I still think Phoenix moves to Seattle and plays in Key arena for a couple of years until the new building is done.

QC and Hamilton will get their teams via expansion.
The Key Arena is a horrible hockey arena. The arena floor is built for basketball, so to fit hockey, the ice surface needs to take out the end sections on one side, making the ice surface sit to one, empty end of the arena. It's ugly.

I know the Isles are moving into Barclay's and it's the same deal, but Barclay's is newer

Plus there's no guarantee the NBA comes back to Seattle right away. The Kings are getting their affairs in order in Sacramento and have a potential arena deal/owner. But David Stern may force the Maloofs to sell to Hansen, regardless of bidding price. If the NBA stays in Sacramento, there will be no arena built in Seattle until the NBA returns, thus putting the NHL "cart" before the NBA "horse" in Seattle may not be a wise decision.

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