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04-01-2013, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Drop The Mits View Post
Originally Posted by TheFinalWord View Post
So sad. Perhaps you'll mature with age.
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Uh oh, got a bunch of defensive Leaf fans after me

Give it up, guys. I don't know what Leaf fans problems are with admitting you lost fights. Orr has been nothing but a punching bag for the Sens this year. The only people saying otherwise are Leaf fans. Going on, 79.4% of people voting thought Neil beat Orr ( On the Kassian fight, 78.8% of people thought Kassian beat Orr (

MacLaren has definitely been the better fighter on the Toronto side of the Battle of Ontario this year. Although I will admit, I realized that MacLaren is actually a decent skater seeing how fast he skated away when he saw Kassian got up and wanted to continue the fight. Never seen that speed out of him. I'm impressed.

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Might want to watch this before spewing garbage

Did you completely miss his point? Orr won the majority of fights. Carkner never missed a game due to a fight by Orr. Carkner, however, made Orr useless for six weeks with his win.

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