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Originally Posted by mesamonster View Post
Its' hard to say, how the NHL would handle the teams departure from a PR standpoint & perspective in relation to specifically the fan base & community. Winnipeg knew what was coming back in 96, but Quebec & Atlanta, they certainly werent afforded any "closure" or send-off per se'. Not sure exactly what happened in Hartford in that regard however in that case & the others with the exception of the Thrashers somewhat ancient history. For the past 3 springs however, who could forget the photographs of fans sitting in thejob well past the final buzzer, be it playoff's or regular season, distraught, winsome, in some cases tears running down their faces. Heartbreaking. To see anyone like that. Absolutely angered me to no end when considering & contemplating what Glendales' done, provided, freely given to the NHL regardless of where one stands on the issues, the league itself doing absolutely next to nothing to facilitate a sale, build value & equity in the arena during their stewardship. Its really quite despicable, distasteful, their handling of this situation & file.

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