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04-01-2013, 12:24 PM
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Interesting model, but I would rather see this instead of EHT

It is pointless to finish regular season in february, ideal is mid-March.

I made a research

NHL RS 2011/12, October 6-April 7, 185 calendar days, how many day for games? Maybe 20-25 days off due to vacations? Around 160 days for games?

KHL RS 2012/13, September 4-February 17, 167 calendar days, 27 days for EHT!! Minus a few days for vacations/Loko. And we have 130 days for games.


NHL 2012, April 11-June 11 (6th game SC), when was 7th game schedulled? June 13? It is 64 days for PO

KHL 2013, February 20-April 19 (7th game GC), it is 59 day for PO, it is record!! Last seasons it was 57 days for PO.

Everyone can see different.

KHL needs 65-66 days for play-off as NHL, regular season can take 140-160 days for games if we dont want 82 games in RS.

- WHC in february
- WHC later than nowadays, mid june
- WHC in august

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