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Originally Posted by Kickassguy View Post
Don't know how bad that is in actuality... sounds worse than it is, I think. If you draft a kid before he turns 18 and you're drafting him out of the Canadian Major Junior system, he's not going to play anywhere but his JR team in his 18 y/o or 19 y/o season (2 years after the draft), unless he's a generational talent. Hell, most will play their overage years in JR too.

If you expanded it to first-rounders making NHL debuts within 4 years, that would be more reasonable. As it stands, it seems a bit sensationalistic.
It's a ridiculous stat that is completely meaningless. Detroit has 1 guy in the last 20 years that fits that bill (Fischer) and Pittsburgh has only 3 (Crosby, Staal, and Robert Dome). Meanwhile the Islanders have something like 14 or 15.

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