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Originally Posted by Myllz View Post

The roster gets worse and there's a completely rookie head coach and coordinators coming in, and people actually expect improvement? Wow. I hated Chan Gailey from day one and think Marrone's a better hire (but still not great), but I don't know how you're expecting any kind of improvement next season.
I can do a full breakdown as to why this roster will be better than last year's roster (depending on the draft).

Manny Lawson > Nick Barnett. Lawson is a great addition. He's good at applying pressure and against the run. He isn't half-bad against the pass either.... He torn his ACL in 2011 and now in 2013 that should be fine..... This was a steal.

Searcy = George Wilson. Wilson wasn't making play (please see Rams game). Wilson was also was slow at getting up the field (to help defend WRs) and helping run support.

Kolb > Fitzpatrick. Kolb has a pretty good arm and accuracy (which Fitz didn't have). Kolb's biggest problem is he got hurt the last two seasons (which I credit towards the Arizona O-Line). Kolb also has concerns about holding onto the ball for too long.... if the Bills can successfully change to a hybrid spread this will be a thing of the pass.

WR in draft > Donald Jones. Don't think this needs much explanation... Jones is just bad. Nelson was hurt last year too.

Left Tackle < Andy Levitre. Now I'm the first person who will tell you that Andy Levitre was a product of the system (Gailey's) but he a good LT (not elite).... not signing Rinehart was the stupidest mistake the Bills made.

I fully expect the Bills to go: LB, WR, CB, LT. Which could improve the defense which at one point in the season was being considered the worst defense of all time.

Expect Mario Williams (who looked good after surgery last year), Mark Anderson and Marcell Dareus (who lost his brother last year) to have better years thanks to our DC not running a Cover 4 the entire game. Gilmore will only get better and teams aren't going to be able to expose Williams on the other side because the Bills will have a new CB via draft or let Brooks start.

This Bills team is hardly in shambles like many of you assume.

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