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04-01-2013, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Winger98 View Post
I'm not seeing a huge difference between expecting him to score 35 goals and actually producing at 32. I don't recall a lot of expectations being voiced for a consistent 40 goal scorer, either.
Look, I can't make it much more plain.

If you don't want to see the numbers, fine.

But if you think the Wings signed Franzen to be a disengaged, 27 goal guy, I can't help you.

He was on a season-long hot streak.

I questioned the wisdom of putting much stock in a 13-month hot streak.
He had 38 goals in 239 games
(13 goal pace)

He got super hot when Holmstrom was injured, and then went bonzai after banging his head in the playoffs.
And carried his strong play into the next season... scoring a 40-goal pace in the regular season ... and a 56-goal pace over the 91-game stretch prior to his contract.

To me, that 56-goal pace is the ONLY excuse Holland has for Franzen's lifetime deal.

He was a 3rd/4th liner before that 91 game stretch.
Based on 91 games, he was given a LIFETIME contract that essentially ended any chance we kept Hossa.

So, if not that 56-goal pace, then what?
What possible reason would Holland have?

It's revisionist history to suggest that the Red Wings expected a 72-game, 27 goal goal scorer.

You don't give 12 year contracts to lazy floaters with 90 games of goal scoring on their resume

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