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Originally Posted by Killion View Post

Ya, to go all-in yet again like that with another $25M commitment? Not a chance. Beacons' RFP sheets should be hitting the streets at some point this month, and as government of all shapes & sizes can & often do move at snails paces, could then take 45++ days before anythings returned from the private sector with respect to proposal absent the Coyotes. On a parallel track with these supposed 3 suitors, I read that both Pastor & Gosbee were expected to submit offers to the NHL this week so perhaps conceptually they have been working with Beacon, maybe a 15, 7 or even 5 year outline being put forth, if these guys are even "real", so who knows?... that Peladeau stepped back from Quebecor combined with the cryptic tweet posted up-page from someone in Quebec apparently in the know that booking agencies & promoters have received notices that the Colisee' wont be available from basically October through December 31st, well, Im thinkin the writing certainly appears to be on the wall.
As another potential source of minor drama it will be interesting if we see LeBlanc and his Lakehead Yale group (or whatever they are calling their group now) bids on arena management sans the Coyotes.

I also think that Peladeau has been quietly busy putting things together in case things don't work out in Glendale.

As for the notion that the NHL would let Coyotes fans know the fate of the franchise before the playoffs, I wouldn't hold my breath. For one thing, I doubt that they would be assured of a positive outcome in time even if they have a bona fide ownership hopeful on the line. There's just now way that they could finalize a lease, etc. within a fortnight (). Instead, I think that the timing is meant to put the maximum pressure on the COG. Present an "owner" (based on some vague letter of agreement, as they had with IEH a few years ago) and a deadline, and then let them basically give the COG a "take it of leave it offer" on the lease. The COG and Coyotes fans go through spasms of heated discourse, and if the COG doesn't pay up, "sayonara". Macchiavelli would offer a slow clap in admiration for the NHL's sly leader.

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