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Originally Posted by cbcwpg View Post
The right thing and the proper thing to do would be to make an announcement as soon as you know, but this is the NHL, and Bettman isn't going to say anything until the last possible second... which could be well after the Coyotes are done for the season.
... as of today the Coyotes have either 12 or 13 games left to play, more or less neck & neck with Dallas for the last Playoff Spot however, it being hockey, anything can happen. They could easily get in & cause some damage, go deep if they get it together & the Stars continue to struggle. So if they do make it into the post season does the NHL announce the teams departure after their elimination or while its happening? That would be a huge negative taking away from the Stanley Cup, and it might also be one if the Coyotes miss the Playoff's, an announcement made either just before the last game or perhaps during the lull between the last game & the Playoffs. Because of all the Muddy Watters here, I dont think the NHL wants to notify anyone in advance. Just get out of town as quickly and as quietly as possible in order to minimize bad press, reporters etc who with lead time knowing the teams a goner will perform full cavity autopsies on the league, lack of performance, lies & failures in Arizona. The leagues strategy likely being that the good news of wherever getting a team drowning out the criticism they deserve & earned in spades in Glendale. Not unlike the Atlanta situation really. The damage localized to a large extent with quick amputation, relocation.

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