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Originally Posted by GuelphStormer View Post
im still sticking to my cozy little campsite in conspiracy woods where its figured that bettman knew last year.... had bettman announced when he knew, they would not have sold a single ticket this lame duck season.
Yes I agree, that theory is beyond plausible and recall GS discussed at this time last year. Bettman notifying the PA of the leagues intentions to invoke lockout. A long con. Jamison either a front or just a stooge. I think the latter. Encouraged, played by Bettman & Daly, buying themselves the time they needed to deal with the CBA. PKP simply postponing purchase/acquisition until post lockout. Why tie up all that capital for a year? Hardly a welcoming return to QC. People will argue "no no no, he would have bought the team & moved them pending lockout or not, wouldnt dream of possibly letting that opportunity pass him by". To those I say; really? Betcha folding money he would, especially if he knew he had total inside tracking, promises made, a nod as good as a wink type dealeo which he most likely did/does have.... so yep, plausible theory.

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