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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Yes I agree, that theory is beyond plausible and recall GS discussed at this time last year. Bettman notifying the PA of the leagues intentions to invoke lockout. A long con. Jamison either a front or just a stooge. I think the latter. Encouraged, played by Bettman & Daly, buying themselves the time they needed to deal with the CBA. PKP simply postponing purchase/acquisition until post lockout. Why tie up all that capital for a year? Hardly a welcoming return to QC. People will argue "no no no, he would have bought the team & moved them pending lockout or not, wouldnt dream of possibly letting that opportunity pass him by". To those I say; really? Betcha folding money he would, especially if he knew he had total inside tracking, promises made, a nod as good as a wink type dealeo which he most likely did/does have.... so yep, plausible theory.
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