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04-01-2013, 04:10 PM
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How often do sticks break/wear out?

The husband has been playing since November. He's already broken through 2 wooden sticks and a 3rd is on it's way out. He's got a pretty hard shot and it just wears the blade out. He does have a composite stick that doesn't show as much wear, but that's likely because he doesn't use it as much as the others. He plays D and likes to take hard slapshots at the net from the point (and they make it to the net for the most part).

Myself, I've never worn out a stick in over a year of play. I've replaced them due to wanting a different flex or a different curve, but never had one just flat out break on me.

Are wood ones generally sturdier than composite? Since it's his blades that are wearing out and not the shaft, would it be a good thing to consider moving towards a two-piece set-up? If composite wear out more quickly, I'm going to tell him he'll just have to stick with the basic wood sticks and replace them every 5 weeks or so - no way is he getting a composite at that rate!

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