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04-01-2013, 03:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Darkhorse1280 View Post
I wish my fellow Leaf fans would just listen to previous interviews with Nonis before making dumb trade proposals where we essentially decimate a large part of our prospect pool for older players. (Hint Hint)
How is this decimating our prospect pool? Out of the guys who are in the proposal how many make it to the NHL Blacker and Frattin? We are deep at the D spot. Frattin is a 3rd liner who could be replaced easily. Colborne's chance of making it the the show is getting slimer and slimer. Hes not performing at any level close enough to be a top 6 centre, possibly a 3rd centre. Roy is 29 and would bring some more experience to the team. Also Robidas is old as hell but who wouldnt want him on your backend? Im not saying I want Luongo either, I BASED THIS TRADE OFF THE RUMOURS (FROM LEGIT SOURCES) THAT ARE CURRENTLY SURROUNDING THE LEAFS. Clearly Nonis has interest in Luo if big name reporters keep mentioning it and it is going around the league. They just dont make up this stuff to get more fans on twitter. And everyday all day I take Luo over Reimer, yes a long contract, cap hits not bad, but he has more experience and can rebound from when things go wrong like what happened to him in Vancouver. He never stopped being a great goalie.

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