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04-01-2013, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by KingsFan7824 View Post
I get the logic for each move by themselves. Collectively though, that's where the moves seem to go one way and then the other.

I'm not sure I see what the Stars are doing as rebuilding, so much as remaking. They build a wall, knock down a different wall. They build another wall, and knock that same wall down. They buy a king size bed, but there's still a hole in the roof of the bedroom.
You are right that they knocked down some walls, but the Ribeiro/Morrow/Ott/Robidas core was not going to build a playoff house any more. The hope is that moving out the old leadership group will allow Benn and Eriksson to take over the team, and that players with experience can bridge the gap to the pretty good prospect pool they have built up.

Originally Posted by SchultzSquared View Post
The Stars seem to be trying to be Smartest Guys in the Room... I have a feeling they are attempting the Moneyball route and the numbers tell them 40-year-old Whitney is a cheap bet for production while the numbers said Fistric was expendable for a pick at a certain threshold...
As much as I wish the Stars were well run, I don't think many people would characterize 2 yrs/9m for Whitney as a cheap bet for production. As for Fistric, the hope was that Larsen and Rome would be a legit 3rd pair, instead of a train wreck and constantly injured. Why pay Fistric when Jordie Benn can be the 7th, plus he can convince his brother Jamie to sign etc. Its more like the Morrow move IMO, with Fistric not really having a role on the team when everyone is healthy and the Stars dealing away some of their depth for market value.

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