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Originally Posted by Morris Wanchuk View Post
I like that people are spouting out Ryders regular season productions vs. Pouliot yet fail to how one stepped up his game in the 1st round series, while the other pooped in this pants, taking stupid penalties, and coughing up the puck to lead to the GWG.

The point really has nothing to do with Ryder or Pouliot though, what matters is ****ing Pandolfo is currently in that spot. Of all the pro hockey players that is the guy who is coming through that door...and we have been relatively injury free too he's not playing because of a lot of injuries (and Kelly was scoring as much as Pandawful too so he's a loss but nothing to cry about.)

My resentment about Iginla is that it went public and thus it will be a PR issue if we want to sign him in the summer. I think the Bruins and PC deserve blame for letting it become common knowledge we were close to Iginla. Now we can't get him in the summer after all this crap.

And save the ******** why is it OK for Iggy to screw the 26 teams not on his NTC and Calgary but not turn around and screw us when he has a chance to play with Sidney? Ditto Kaberle telling Burke he was only willing to help out the team that bent them over for Kessel, why is this OK but Iginla chosing Pitt over us isn't?

No reason to cry about Iginla not bailing PC out, PC only got Kaberle because he couldn't go anywhere else and he almost lucked into Iggy the same way since his trade list was so short.

I know it stinks Iggy and the best player in the NHL threw a wrench into us getting the perfect addition but can we really feel entitled to that addition and also in a position to criticize and pass judgement when we were one of only 3 teams that could have signed him?

Our GM has been awful since the Cup it sucks and seeing Pandawful playing still makes me cringe.

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