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Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
Let's face it, our schedule is beyond ugly. Our only "easy" game left is at Colorado. If we can hold ourselves in a playoff spot over the next 5 games, we have the 6 game road trip from hell coming up after that with the last game of the season, at home, against Nashville.

Maybe we can say that about Detroit, maybe not. For not being all that good, they are still 7-5-1 in March. If they somehow lose to Colorado, they could be vulnerable. I guess everyone starts to look bad when you have a 10-2-3 month (23 of 30 points). That is amazing and it took that to even get us to faint hope for the 8th spot.

Beyond our schedule we have a huge regulation win issue. We probably lose every tie breaker known to man. Interesting thing to note, had we won a couple more shoot outs we would have been in far better position.

If this team qualifies for post season, it will be a true miracle. Almost everything is working against them.
I completely agree. I'm still torn with rooting for them to make the playoffs and rooting for others to win and pass them because I think the higher the picks this year the better in the near and long term. I'm not so crazy to think that all picks will work out and we'll be world beaters but I think there are limitations with this roster that depth will help via the draft.

My perfect world has the Rangers continuing to implode and the CBJ making the playoffs. KEep a lottery pick and continue with the surprise season. The odds are stacked against the CBJ. This is one of the reasons I think we're getting a touch of lip service from JD and JK. Sure they'll move a pick IF it makes sense. Politically correct but the reality is these are smart guys and know we have an uphill climb even sitting in 8th currently.

If a deal is made that can truly help now yet not sacrifice assets for short term gain (ie. young forward wtih skill and upside) I don't doubt they wouldn't do the deal. Realistically I'm not sure that asset is available.

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