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04-01-2013, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by MattyMo35 View Post
I agree the NHL's standings lack clarity, but I don't think it's something to lambaste JR about. As you mentioned, he's definitely not the only reporter using the point standings to determine ranking. His information is technically correct; the Jackets are ahead of the Blues in terms of points earned. If both teams lose every game for the rest of the season, the Jackets would be ahead of the Blues. That's what I meant by games in hand mean nothing unless they become wins.
It's utterly nonsensical to assume the Blues get 0 points out of 6 until that actually happens. If the Blues even got 1 point out of 6 they'd be ahead of Columbus with tiebreakers.

Technically, 1-2-1 is a "better" record than 1-0-0 by this logic. There is nothing incorrect about listing teams accounting for games in hand, as this is unbiased, neutral, affects all teams equally, and has already been determined the fair way to determine waiver priority. The NHL considers Columbus behind the Blues in the real standings since they'd get first crack at a waiver pickup.

It always seems super weird to punish a team for getting 0 points in games they haven't played yet. The average expectation in a game is 1.1 points, which is also the Blues' average this season. Priced into that average is all their stretches of terrible play and losing and tough opponents. Even with all that, it's still an expectaion of 1.1 points per game played. The only technically correct way to note Columbus has amassed more raw points is to say "Columbus has barely more raw points than the Blues despite getting three extra opportunities to gain those points."

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