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Originally Posted by Jaded-Fan View Post
I would not be overly concerned. Let me spin a scenario that is not only possible, but likely.

Sid had a minor (not needing wired) either hairline or otherwise not serious facture to his jaw and lost say three teeth.

To fix even a hairline fracture of the jaw I am fairly certain that you need to stabilize the jaw with screws and/or plates. I do not know about you but someone cutting into my face, and drilling holes into my jaw sounds like it would be traumatic. You might want to let the body recover from that before you start yanking the stubs of teeth out and putting in replacements. Hell, it takes the labs a week to even make replacements that will be customized to fit your mouth.

Now your Crosby. You just had major surgery and will have to come back in four or five days for more. If they just let you stay there to recover would you do it? And you are the Pens. You have a hundred million invested in this kid. Infection is always an issue. Where do you want Crosby between operations?

Make sense?
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