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Originally Posted by Bob Barker View Post
I'm just offering another perspective. I was at the game, so I didn't get the benefit of replay. I could very well be wrong.

I'm not trying to call you out, but to me, it looked like he fell and then tossed his stick. It's a moot point anyways; Kitchener won, so we can say it was a poor call.
For what its worth, I agree. I was sitting first row behind the rangers bench, had a very clear view of the play. He went down to block a shot, the player side stepped his attempt, and he swung his arm and stick at the puck, letting go of the stick as he did. If you have seen the tape ball at the end of his stick (Literally a half inch bulge at the top, all the way around) you would be amazed at how he didnt HOLD onto the stick.

I didnt think it would get a penalty shot, but those are the rules, throw your stick, penalty shot.

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