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Originally Posted by blueandgoldguy View Post

Really looking forward to this. The best period piece on TV quite easily. Great cast and fantastic central character in Don Draper. Little bit of a cliffhanger at the end of season 5 (which might have been the show's best) as to whether Don would go back to his cheating ways.

Love a lot of shows mentioned here. I might get heat for this since nowadays it's uncool to admit you like network TV shows, but one of my most favorite recent serialized shows if LOST. Some felt the show went on too long and many felt the ending was terrible, but I was hooked from beginning to end. They did an excellent job with the character development in that show as well - very few missteps. As much as I enjoy Walking Dead, outside of a few characters, the writers have done a HORRIBLE JOB of writing interesting and appealing characters -very poor character development in the show. On the plus side, lots of gruesome and gory zombie action which me likes.

Also loved 24 back in the 2000s as well. It was somewhat prepostorous to begin with, but become even moreso after season 3. Still quite entertaining and Jack Bauer kicks serious azz.

Both 24 and LOST changed the common perception amongst network execs that you can't maintain an audience week-to-week with serialized dramas. Led to a proliferation of serialized shows on network TV - some good and some bad.
I think you're going to find that the most interesting story line isn't whether or not Draper returns to his cheating ways, but the new dynamic of the ownership group what with Lane's suicide and Joan earning a "not silent" piece of the pie. We're re-watching the last season to get ready for Sunday.

My favourite episodic serialized shows are (in no particular order, as I think they're all outstanding):

- Six Feet Under
- Breaking Bad
- Mad Men
- Boardwalk Empire
- The Wire
- Arrested Development

I once had "The Sopranos" and "Deadwood" on the list, but in re-watching both of them, I found that even the first season of each couldn't hold my attention, and that both were nowhere near as good as I had remembered them being.

I haven't yet had a chance to watch "Game of Thrones" or "Sons of Anarchy", but we do have them downloaded, and when hockey season is over, I'll watch one of them before the summer is through.

I would probably add Modern Family, Futurama and Family Guy to the above list, but none of them are really serial in nature; they're all really self-contained single episodes as opposed to a series.

And honourable mention to Robot Chicken, Seinfeld and Cheers, as they still make me laugh out loud, even though I've seen them all repeated times.

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