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04-01-2013, 06:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Jame View Post
I'm so tired of the "model" argument... the reality is, there are examples for each side of the argument, and those arguments are distorted even further to meet the arguers needs

I think trading Poms and Miller would represent an acknowledgement that they had their time, they had their chances over 6 years, and that it's time for the team to move on, and start fresh... it's time to build around a new core. There is an admission that you have to take a few steps back to start moving forward again... but whether it's an Edmonton rebuild or a Pittsburgh rebuild, has nothing to do with the situations those teams faced... but EVERYTHING to do with how Buffalo handles IT'S OWN rebuild.
You know what? I've been reading these boards everyday for quite sometime. I've been following Chain and the gang since ESPN. I've seen Jame and his agenda's for years, some I agree with, some not so much. But this post finally broke the mold for me to post. I agree with 150% of this. I'm so ready to move on and up!

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