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Originally Posted by Rob Paxon View Post
If Regehr doesn't waive his NTC to go play somewhere else for a couple measly months I'll rage

It's only Jason Pominville and the team needs to retool.
I think it's more along the lines of seeing someone like him go while some of the other players who exemplify what's wrong here stay (I'm looking at you Nancy). Say what you want about Poms (and he is clearly not having a great season), overall he's a talented player who produces consistently, isn't a diva, and almost always puts forth an effort .

He's an easy whipping boy for many because he doesn't fit the stereotypical mold of a captain that some have and he doesn't play the fan favorite hitting game etc. Some people have never gotten over him being named captain instead of Vanek. He's also an even keeled not to down not to up sort of personality and this combined with the fact that he ends up being the person giving the interviews in a crappy season means he gets more than his share of blame.

I think he's a very good player and good individual who does stuff the right way and does what he's asked to as well as he can without the sulking, etc. I also don't believe he's a great captain, but I don't think there is a player on this roster who has the makings of a great captain, though one or two might down the road.

There are far bigger problems on the roster than having Jason Pomminville on it. I think he's a valuable piece who can bring a lot going forward if he stays. He produces with whoever he is with (occasional slumps aside) can play in all situations (certainly he's better defensively than he's showed this year) and he's rarely injured.

I wouldn't be upset if he were replaced as captain and I would be damn happy to see him swapped off the point on the PP, but I'd miss a player like him more than I have most who are no longer in blue and gold.

I understand re-tooling and I'm a fan of the sweater so I'll adjust, but I definitely understand the sentiment. If they clearly get better as a result and jettison some of the other ballast, I can live with it.

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