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04-01-2013, 06:38 PM
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Originally Posted by snakeye View Post
Should wait at least till the season is over. Subban = God mode right now, but what good is a bridge contract for if you're going to rush and sign him long term ASAP based on a very short evaluation period?
You can't extend a player until he's in his last contract year. So we have no choice but to wait for summer at the earliest.
However, PK had already earned himself the right to a long term deal before this year. This season only confirmed it to anybody that had doubts. But there were plenty of people here that wanted PK signed to a longer deal instead of this bridge deal.
That was the whole point, screw the bridge deal, sign him to a cheap long term deal now while he still is on the cheap side of things.

Originally Posted by 24get View Post
What really worries me is the lack of production of Subban at ES.

For now, he is 36th with ESP.

Is it possible that the extraordinary performance of PK in PP this season is caused by Markov?

Streit (34 PPP) had his best season with Markov.
So did Souray (48 PPP) and Komisarek.
You could say that, however you could also look at the fact that PK had a great rookie year on the PP with Wiz. He wasn't producing as much as he is now, but that's what experience is. Markov is a great PP QB, so I'm not denying he plays a part, but it's not as big a part as he did for Souray.
Even Streit was able to produce at the same rate in his first year in NYI as he did here. Except he got a lot of points as a forward here as well, so in NYI it was all done on D.

PK is a lot more patient with the puck, he is looking for open lanes towards the net a lot more, uses his wrist shot more, and isn't forcing his blasts from the point.

As for his ES production, I'm not worried at all. If he was struggling at ES then there would be cause for concern, but he isn't at all. He is holding back and not rushing the puck as much as he used to, which I'm sure came straight from the coaches. I believe this is the main reason why he isn't producing as much, but he still dominates his opposition. So really, no need to worry about it.

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