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Originally Posted by DerekT View Post

You're always good for a laugh NHA

So, we should expect all our top 20 prospects to have a bigger impact than a guy who lead the team in points?
What Im saying is that Ribeiro had the chance to make the team and play several games at the NHL level even if he was clearly looking out of place in the first few years with the Habs... You have to remember how much mediocre was our NHL team while our prospects depth was even worst... Ribs had plenty of time to adjust to the NHL level and try to make a place for himself in the line-up. few prospects will have that chance one day... For example, a guy like Hudler would be in the NHL right now if he wasnt a wings prospect...

Perreault has already been our best points leader, Savage has already led our team in scoring, some people thought Dagenais would score 30-40 goals after his lucky season, some people thought Zednik was a top scoring winger... You have to take in consideration that when a player is used in a scoring role with ton of PP time, its nothing surprising to see this player reach some impressive stats, but the reality is not on the scoresheet but elsewhere... To have a real and accurate idea about what a player really bring to the table, you have to know your hockey and be able to identify what his strengths and weakness are... The first thing and the most important one, you have to determine if that player has what it takes to compete at a high level... What about his hockey sense? Does he cheat or he plays a honest 2-way game? What about his work ethic? Can he skate in this league? Is he strong enough to keep control of the puck or is he easily outmatched?

Then come the skills criterias..

Thats the way you determine the real efficiency... Take guys like Crosby and Ovechkin, they are not only amazingly skilled, they are competors born playing the game with a high level of intensity, playing with grit and fire both ways of the ice, they wanna win so much first and one, thats what make them special players while guys like Spezza, Yashin, Kovalchuk, Zherdev give a good show but wont make your team win at the end...

It was obvious Dagenais couldnt survive in this league... He is not only slow like no one, he is soft, poor to protect the puck despite his big frame, poor overall agility, poor mobility, poor hands (forget the trick ala Datzuk on shotout, he probably practiced it thousand of times), poor vision, poor passer... He had a hell of a shot and a nose for the net but it was so evident this guy was a filler...

Skills talking, Ribs has great hands, great vision but its all about playmaking skills, the guy has no shot...

His major lack of speed and lack of strength makes it pretty tough to compete at a high level, the guy has to work harder than anyone to remain as competitive as possible even strength and most nights he just cant keep it up every shifts.. Some think its all about effort, but I remember Ribeiro wanting hard on the ice, I even remember him giving some bodycheck ala Bégin... But the reality is the fact he is so easily outmatched physically, the reality is that he isnt powerful enough on skates to catch up smoother skaters...

Now you will understand better my reasoning.. Im not saying most fowards on our top prospects list will reach the number Ribeiro reached 2 seasons ago... For the simple reason they might not even given the opportunity to play on top lines in the NHL, even less with 2 stars like Kovalev and Samsonov! One thing sure, try Plekanec with Samsonov and Kovalev for fun, I bet you anything you wont want Ribs there again! So we could have some Plekanec like prospects in the system with guys like Maxwell, Mikus... All are much more complete players Ribs was at the same age.. Note that the CHL is much more competitive than it was 10 years ago.. Some older guys could have had alot more trouble than they had back at their junior time.

Personally I think we have several future quality NHLers in our top 20, but some will play elsewhere of course..

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