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08-15-2006, 11:37 PM
Grizzly Adams
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The only time i've intentionally ran into a goalie was when the one slow jackass would crosscheck me 10 times whenever i went near the crease, i got between him and the goalie and he did it yet again and i went flying into their tender. he had a delayed penalty untill they gave him a major for blindsiding me while i was sprawled out on his netminder. He then mouthed off to the refs and got himself a misconduct and had to leave the ice. I was pretty happy with the outcome, people with tempers like that shouldn't be playing ice hockey anyways, but sadly many of them do. As for whacking the puck when the goalie thinks he has it, I will do that as well, but you need to know when and when not to do it. If your planted in front of the crease and the goalie has the puck covered, don't try to dig it out or you will get sucker punched/cheapshotted. Instead, come in with some speed and try to arrive right when or right after the puck arives at the goalie so you can get a good chance and be out before anybody has the oppertunity to rough you up. I've scored a lot of easy goals like this, you have to be quick though.

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