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08-16-2006, 12:05 AM
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Originally Posted by EmptyNetter View Post
Please explain.

1. Are you a slow skater?
2. Do you get tired quickly?
3. Do you need to get stronger?

Anyway, you weigh very little for your height (I weigh too much for my height -- 5ft 5, 205 lbs ). Best thing IMO is for you to eat a lot more -- IMO you'll have an easier time building muscle later on. Also, fat is good padding for when you fall down.

1. If possible try to eat 5 meals a day (Breakfast, lunch, dinner + 2 in between). Don't forget the bowl of ice cream right before bed (6th meal).
2. Drink whole milk, and make sure you've got cheese, sour cream, mayonaise or whipped cream on everything you put in your mouth. Eat your pasta with cream sauce (alfredo, stroganoff). Fat's got more calories per gram than carbohydrates do. (I think) A Whopper with cheese has more calories than a Big Mac -- there's more mayo on a Whopper.
3. Eat whole grains and avoid white (Wonder) bread. I know you're trying to put on weight but whole grains are a much more reliable source of energy. White bread is full of sugar -- it will give you an instant burst of energy but after that's gone you'll have nothing left in the tank. Slice of whole wheat bread = Energizer battery.
4. Avoid soda and sweets when possible. See #3. Drink TONS of water.

STRETCH!! You can't grow muscles in a week, but it's important that the ones you have stay flexible.
RUN!! After a week of jogging you might see some improvement in your stamina. Each day try to run a little farther.

For when you do start weight training I found some good exercises on this site:

Hope that was helpful.

wow thanks man !! i'll follow what ur saying ..

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