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Originally Posted by metmag View Post
I would argue that one for one, Panarin is a better and bigger player overall. Panarin is also developing and is not at his peak yet. He has been improving steadily(hindered this year a little bit by the injury he suffered from minsk in the beginning of the season) every year.
1. In my opinion Panarin is not a better player but yours is as good as mine. But bigger? He's a little bit taller (still small though), even lighter than Klimenko and plays a little man's game being completely ineffective and constantly pushed around near the boards and in front of the net. Overall word "bigger" is misleading as he's obviously much weaker physically than well-built and very well balanced Klimenko.

2. It's Gagarin Cup playoffs. There's no other team in the league which should be more concerned about winning now than SKA so for them it doesn't matter all that much if he will getter better, they just need to get it done.

Originally Posted by metmag View Post
Panarin comes up big in OT and shootouts, of which Vityaz had alot this year so he would be good for pressure situations such as the playoffs. Perhaps you remember the Final of the U20 where I would credit mostly him for Canadas loss and Russia's epic comeback
And yet he had 4 games playoff experience and no points at the men level prior to coming to SKA while Klimenko is Gagarin Cup champion, scored 10 goals and 14 points in Magnitka's run at the cup in 10-11 and there are no shootouts in the playoffs.

Originally Posted by metmag View Post
. Panarin's contract is expiring with Vityaz and I doubt he will be staying there. Many capable teams such as Ak-Bars and SY would be putting in offers I imagine; and long term ones perhaps. SKA can afford Panarin and it wouldnt be a surprise that they wanted to have him play and get used to the atmosphere in order to entice him to sign a contract there afterwards.
Well he returned to Vityaz last year so why not to this year? Time will tell but where were Ak Bars and SY last year? Furthermore, I can see an offer coming from SY as they are somewhat troubled but Ak Bars has no place for a player which is so useless outside of the top-6. it's well documented by Darzinsh' situation this year and Panarin himself in the last year's playoffs. And yeah, it really requires enticement to get the guy from Vityaz to move to St. Petesburg.

Originally Posted by metmag View Post
After all, this move paid off. 14 games, 9 pts, +9 . Just 14minutes average. Very productive. The same cant be said about Klimenko, even if we account for the fact that he was playing with Atlant after all.
And where was all this production when it mattered and SKA was not scoring 7 goals per game?

Originally Posted by metmag View Post
Hands down very smart move from SKA management, especially as Vorky said when you look at the trades. Osipov is a young big Dman that has also been extremely productive these playoffs. And the pick they gave up was nothing as they wont be icing any 18yr old draftees anytime soon.
to the management. This was not just to keep themselves busy by any means.
Osipov signing - yeah, it's good even if it's a bit strange to have Dallman, Chudinov and Osipov on the same team. But still can't see anything smart about Panarin's signing. They brought in one dimensional guy who only makes the impact on the score sheet and hadn't got any experience, tore up one hell of the 3rd line in Klimenko-Kucheryavenko-Makarov who were playing together for what feels like forever and all three were better players while doing so, didn't really addressed the need by acquiring one more small guy to the Top-6 which was sorely lacking size with editions of Varnakov and Ramsted and, at the end, all that matters was to get it done - the goal they didn't achieve.

The way I see it for whatever reason you think that Panarin is THAT good of a player when imho he's not. So I believe that's the of end this discussion.

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