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Originally Posted by lastcupever75 View Post
i dont have to, as i stated i see it everyday i go to work. and bottom line these patients on these liquid diets have trouble maintaining their weight (liquid diets/feeding tubes etc etc). go into that nursing home and im sure you'll see while patients may be getting their nutrients they have trouble maintain weight.
plus its very difficult to maintain that caloric intake with just liquids?

back on topic with sid, it wont matter much cause his jaw isnt being wired shut. so he'll be able to eat softer foods from the start. i was more worried about it if he had to have it wired for a few weeks
Actually people are kept alive for years on feeding tubes, and maintain a stable weight and normal labs. The problem is, these people are usually bed-ridden, so the inactivity turns their muscle into fat. But I've had patients for years that consumed nothing but Ensure or Boost, and they were in perfect health.

The difference between an elderly patient, who probably needs 4-5 cans of Boost a day to meet their caloric needs, and Sid is, Sid would have to drink about 10-15 cans a day to meet his needs. Especially if he's still working out during recovery. So yeah, I would expect him to lose some weight. But since he should be able to eat soft foods, he should be ok. Since he has a fracture, his calorie and protein needs will be even higher, so the Dietitian will figure that out and make sure he's meeting his needs.

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