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08-16-2006, 12:32 AM
Grizzly Adams
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I understand your concern, but I play an adult non-checking leauge where there is really no place for this. You don't need to lay out huge hits to be a good defenseman, seriously. When I am assigned to play back, I almost never hit people, but I probably lift more sticks than anybody has ever seen. Cross checking is an easy short cut to playing defense. Yeah, anybody can do it and it does nullify forwards, but you might as well sucker-punch them in the side of the head, they will stay down longer. You see where I'm going? It's cool if you wish you were in the UFC, but some people prefer to play hockey, and yeah, I knew what I was doing when i went flying into their netminder, but guess what, if you insist on sending me "messages", I know how to send them back, and within the rules of the game. FYI The goalie took a while to get his head straight after that incident, but it showed that he wasnt the same when we lit him up for four goals in the 3rd.

I'm sorry that their goaltender(as well as the rest of the team) had to suffer for that guys actions, but I believe that what I did wasn't too out of line.

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