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Originally Posted by CHIP72 View Post
I'm really confused by the part I bolded above:

1) Mike Gartner didn't play in the 1987 Stanley Cup Finals with Edmonton (or for that matter with Philadelphia). In fact, Gartner never played in the Stanley Cup Finals period, in any year. He also never played for Edmonton (or Philadelphia).

2) Mike Keenan DID coach in the 1987 Stanley Cup Finals, but it was with Philadelphia, not Edmonton.

3) The one year I think Mike Gartner, Mark Messier, and Glenn Anderson all played for the same team (1994 with the Rangers) they didn't play on the team at the same time. In fact, Gartner was traded for Anderson by Mike Keenan.

4) I doubt Gartner, Messier, or Anderson played on any checking lines in 1987, and I know Messier and probably Gartner didn't play on any checking lines in 1994.
I think he meant Canada Cup, not Stanley Cup. All of what he says makes sense, and Anderson-Messier-Gartner went head-to-head with the KLM line throughout the final.

I'm not what you'd call a Gartner fan, but he was pretty damn good that series, at both ends of the ice.

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