Thread: GDT: WPG @ NYR Part II
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04-01-2013, 07:52 PM
*Bob Richards*
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Read up.

Due to recent complaints, we’ve discussed and decided to take some action against the decreasing quality of GDT discussion. We are going to start cracking down on useless, borderline trolling posts that generally consist of nothing more than “Clownorella, Fire Torts, etc.” over and over and over again. It’s extremely grating and offers nothing insightful to the game itself. Criticizing a certain aspect of the game is always welcome, but heaping on incessant, unfunny posts serve as nothing more than a detriment to the GDT. Now, I know that it is essentially a Play-by-play thread and every post shouldn’t be expected to be a tediously written analysis of the game, but we ask you to please curb discussions that do not pertain to the game itself. Torts has his own thread, Gaborik has his own thread. Nearly everything has its own corresponding thread. The GDT is meant for discussion of the game and everything relevant to that particular game.