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04-01-2013, 09:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Liberati0n View Post
It doesn't contradict "what he said" exactly. It contradicts what he intentionally implies. That you can't glean his motives doesn't mean they're not on display to be gleaned. You still seem to think his literal statements are all that exists. I have a problem with praising a guy as a leader etc. when his priority is himself. That's why his motives matter, but yes, trying hard for selfish reasons has a better impact on the team than slacking off for selfish reasons like most of them do.
Right, so there's no disconnect between what he says and his play on the ice. How does his play on the ice contradict what he implies?

And you're making absurd assumptions about his motives and his priorities, because despite what you claim, they're not on display to be gleaned.

You're irrational hatred and desire to spin things against him is puzzling.

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