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12-26-2003, 09:38 PM
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Originally Posted by DKH
I was talking to one of the former Black Bears after the golf tourney they had for Shawn Walsh and he told me he talked to Weinrich and that he was hoping to return to the Broons and loved playing for them and wanted to finish his career here. MOC also wanted him I heard BUT the Flyers had the money and the Broons couldn't overpay like the Flyers did. Value- he was overpaid. They went for O'Donnell even though they knew Weinrich's game was much better suited. MOC knew- he wanted Weinrich! So its his fault? Where has he screwed up? Really, MOC gets railed and he has done nothing but made decent trades under tough situations, been rebuffed on players he wants to keep by irresponsible teams like Flyers, Rags, and Stars. Its BS to blame him for this defense- thats exactly why they are stocking up on puck moving players like Jonsson, Morrisonn, Jillson, Jurcina, Boynton and Stuart. He drafted Girard and Allen. He knows- he's trying to build this area but when Aholes like the Flyers and Tom Hicks come along and bend over and and have tatoos on their backside that say 'insert here' what are you going to do. Creeky defense? sure....but its not for lack of trying.

Hey, fire MOC, JJ! You gotta blame someone because your not proactive.-Rejoice fans over his demise but in 3 years if we should look out on the ice and see a winning core that could feature Bergeron, Jonsson, Stuart, Toivonen, Jurcina, Boynton, Morrisonn, Raycroft, Jillson and Joe and Sergei I hope we remember MOC and company infused this team with these players.

I don't get it....but hey maybe we can go back to the last 20 years and show crap for drafts. Oh, and everyone cites Lapointe signing but trading for Guerin for the overrated Carter, Knuble for Dimao, the yield for Bourque, salvaging something for that spoiled whiney Allison (you'd be amazed how his teammates really thought of him); Weinrich for Patrick Traverse....even the Landan Wilson trade was made when Wilson was rated #11 best prospect in HN. You can't win them all but his track record is very good. I'll say it again- had the Broons been able to keep Weinrich over O'Donnell, sign Allison, and keep Guerin this team would be just wiping the crap out of the league.

(I'm assuming we still drafted Bergeron, comp pick or not; and Allison doesn't get concussions he suffered in games with LA)


again, the powerplay alone would be a joke....destruction. This is exactly why the Miesters of the world rail on- what coulda been. But MOC is the point man not and don't confuse that with 'gleefully' making these moves- he more than anyone wanted Guerin here for the remainder. I read a post he doesn't have a leader yet he traded for Guerin with this in mind and wanted to sign him up 4 years but was told to wait....great, its his fault. And JJ questions the Devils way of doing things- from the look of recent drafts by the Broons in 5 years MOC and Brian Bradley may rival there drafting if not surpassing it if recent drafts are any indication.
I can only speak for myself but I am far from blaming Mike O'Connel for the Bruins current plight. I'm am actually quite surprised by your response to these posts I believe its the first time I have seen you on here a bit testy in a bit. In any case my point was in striving for perfection looking at this team from last year to thie current season it is clear that the team does not have a head and shoulders above the rest leader. And maybe that is something that MOC could have adressed in the off-season. But like I said in my previous post that is the one negative that I could find think of and that is really digging deep. The positive contributions that Mr. O had made far outweigh the few negatives that maybe attributed to him. Despite having his hands tied by a frugal owner he has managed to pull off some pretty good trades and couple that with his solid drafting and you have a winner on your hands as far as I am concerned. But unfortunately despite what he has brought to the organization it appears as though if the Bruins current swoon continues all the targets have been painted on MOC, and he is going to be the fall guy.

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