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04-01-2013, 09:43 PM
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I'll make it simple. I along with a few other habs fans run a GM Connected league. I'm not sure how others operate or how long they last but we've been going since day 1.

Some guys left and **** happens and we all know it's towards the end of the life of the league(2-4 seasons left perhaps then summer and NHL 14).

I'm basically looking for guys who want to be there next year but want a chance to see how league works this year. Essentially, an ATO in hockey terms. If you come and have fun and like it then you're pretty much in next year should you desire.

We basically play 2 weeks every 3 days. That's about 4-8 games at 4min a period every 3 days. We don't mind if you can't play them all, it happens.

Let me know if you're interested via PM, no pressure.

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