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04-01-2013, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by RedWingsNow View Post
Nice sarcasm.

32G is closer to the 35G rate, but a far cry from the 40G rate.

And even further from the 56G rate.

The OVERALL POINT that you ignore because it's inconvenient to your poorly thought out argument is that Franzen was signed to be a STUD.

Not to be a lazy floater who scores 27 goals a season.

If Franzen had scored at a 32 goal rate in the 91 games prior to his contract, Hossa would be a Red Wing and Franzen might have signed a 3-year, 9M contract (if Holland could figure out how to trade Cleary)
Was he? Even when those contracts were being handed out like candy, the stud playerswere getting cap hits closer to $6m and better. Hossa's offered deal was over $5m, right?

If Franzen was really being looked at as a "stud," his cap hit would have been higher. Likely closer to Hossa's rumored offer.

If you want to argue that we should have went with Hossa regardless, go for it. I think there's a better argument from that angle, anyway.

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