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12-26-2003, 09:08 PM
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Originally Posted by PecaFan
No, that's not it. They took it out to get rid of the godawful "dump it in, dump it out" hockey that we were seeing. No skill, no passing whatsoever. As soon as a dman gets the puck, he fires it off the glass and out of the zone. The other team intercepts the puck, and same thing, fires it off the glass and back into the zone.

I like the current system. You get the ocassional offside, but in exchange, get far more passing and play buildup in the neutral zone.
There was some of that in the Canada vs Finland game today, but it wasn't persistent. I guess once you get to the pros, coaches find a way to abuse it?

Originally Posted by canucksfan
The rules I would like to see are no touch icing, no red line and the offside rule.
No touch icing is a philosophers debate. Increased possible chances vs reduced risk of injury.

No redline wouldn't necessarily increase scoring. It probably would initially with a few more breakaways, but sooner or later the d-men would just back up from the blueline a lot quicker to defend against the breakout pass. Result: you have less d-men trying to pinch and hold the line and instead backing off to defend the long bomb pass. You'd have even less scoring because d-men are afraid of getting burned on the 2 line pass and they back off, not getting involved in the play.

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