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Originally Posted by hogtownhabsfan View Post
Please. God. No.

Firstly, talking "frame" Larry Robinson was 6'4" in an age where guys were shorter, probably equivalent to a 6'6" guy these days. Beaulieu is 6'1"-6'2" which is average height for a defenseman.

Bouwmeester had Larry Robinson potential. Tyler Myers had Larry Robinson potential.

Beaulieu is not on that level or prospect, those guys were elite prospects at one point, and neither of those guys hit their potential (yet at least) either. I'm talking realistic potential, don't start with a semantical debate on the definition of that. I could, theoretically, become Prime Minister. But that aint gonna happen. If everything works out, Beaulieu will be a nice secondary offensive d-man with 40 points a year or in his prime. Nothing wrong with that. But anyone who thinks he can sniff Larry Robinson, or even a PK Subban, is completely out to lunch. has Beaulieu and Robinson as both 6'3".

People forget how raw Robinson looked his first 2-3 years. Nobody thought he could put it all together like he did, but he did.

Maybe Nathan won'T. Probably Nathan won't. But it is simply not true that the BEST he can do is be a 30-40 point defenceman that you are afraid to play ES or on PK, as that poster said.

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