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04-01-2013, 11:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Uli Hiemer View Post
does anyone not think a tie break would factor in? the devils have 2 less wins than the rangers (also they have a game in hand) and islanders. and with how all these teams equal in suckiness i can see that happening.
It is possible, which is why the Rags games are going to be so important. I doubt it though, I don't think a tie will happen. I also still expect the Leafs to come back down a bit and fight it out in the mediocre train.

Boston has not been winning lately either so who knows Thursday, but we are good at helping teams find new life lately. Call me blind I still have faith. I still see plenty of talent on this team that is capable of much more then what we have seen lately. You see flaws, I see potential.

I still think we get in, but it will be in great thanks to how bad the east is. Time is running out though to get back on track to turn this season into a success. Just don't buy this sell mentality some of you have at all, feel bad to because I don't understand how one can get THIS down on their team even when things are bad. If you can become THAT negative, what is the point in even watching anymore? Just isn't fun anymore at that point. Like battered housewife syndrome around here now.

We do need to trade one of these D-men. Get rid of the dead weight.

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