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04-02-2013, 12:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Bench View Post
Why not? If he's as good as you say, then you fit him onto your roster for the remaining year on his contract.

So I check his PP time. OK, sure. And I believe he is awesome with 2-way centers. Hey, not bad. I'm supposed to believe only the Red Wings need this guy? Come on, tons of team would need a stud like that.
Wow. Loaded with snark.

One, I never said Bouwmeester was awesome.
I said he was better than Kronwall, or equal to Kronwall at worst.

Two, only way we can really afford it is if we move a guy like Quincey ($4M) the other way. (unless we're just doing Bouwmeester a la carte, which I think is a bad move).

I never said he was awesome with 2-way centers, did I.

But what I am saying is that his stats will rebound with prime time PP minutes.

I also think his defensive stats would be much, much better on a team that has capable two-way centers.

Back in the offseason, when the Bouwmeester rumors were discussed, I said that Bouwmeester is the perfect guy to fill the Lidstrom/Suter role on the Red Wings. But understand that it's in the "lite" role.

Puck possessiion guy. Plays well in every situation. Isn't physical. He's not as good as Suter. He's not as good as a 41-year-old Lidstrom even.

THe problem is we have too many lefty puck mover defensemen.

But if you're moving out a Quincey, then you're just improving on something you already had.

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