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04-02-2013, 12:18 AM
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Originally Posted by HoustonAerosFan View Post
Keep in mind when you bump those ECHL teams up to the A, attendance will drop with the increase in ticket prices. Just look at OKC. Barons attendance is half or less what the Blazers' was.
As has already been pointed out to you, there is no guarantee either way about attendance after moving from the low minors to the high minors -- we have examples of it not really mattering (Peoria when they returned to the high minors a while ago, Norfolk/Hampton Roads when they were forced by the city to jump from the ECHL to the AHL, Rockford's move from the UHL to the AHL), examples of it not working well at all (Quad Cities, Oklahoma City), and examples of it working pretty well indeed (Charlotte for one, though I'm finding it hard to think of another).

In addition, ticket prices are set to maximize revenue, not directly just to cover costs. You cannot say that a move to the AHL would automatically increase ticket prices. It is LIKELY to, yes - because the owners would believe that they would get people to pay more money for the perceived higher product... but if there were more money to be gotten in revenue by increasing ticket prices, it would already have been done, so you MIGHT see owners trying the tack of keeping the prices low and trying to drive more attendance that way, thus maximizing their revenue.

Basically... you've got a metric ton of assumptions in your post. Some of them may indeed work out the way that you think, but the automatic "A, therefore B" is way too strong an assertion to make, is what the history of this business should have already taught all of us.

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