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Originally Posted by BergyWho37 View Post
We disagree maybe on other prospects we'd agree but not this one .... Blue chips are not the Crosby's and RNH ect .. Most of them would be an automatic in my books, you could call them a blue chip but they are extremely high end picks that usually means they make there team the first year..
At this point you are arguing semantics and using strange winky faces in your response.

Bluechip prospects are extremely high end picks, and usually only apply to a handful of prospects in the league at a time.

Just so I know what you think, how many other B's prospects are Bluechippers in your book?

Koko is far from garbarge, but as you also said he's expendable for the right players in return. If you want to call him a bluechip prospect, go ahead. It makes you happy. It makes you add different smilie faces to each post. Whatever. But do yourself a favor and google "What is a bluechip prospect" (actually I did it for you), and see what it says.

My point still is people seem to throw around terms "bluechip" and "Franchise" player like every team has them in spades. It doesn't lessen the value or quality of the player not calling him a bluechip prospect. It really boils down to semantics, and this conversation is silly at this point. We agree to the fact that neither of us would move Koko for a less than adequate return. But he is NOT a blue chip prospect by the pure definition of it.

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