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Originally Posted by Snot Rocket View Post any order

1. VIKINGS - Awesome

2. Ripper Street - Good British show, impressed so far

3. Spartacus - TONS of blood, graphic slaughter and nudity done by Sam Rami and Rob Tapert (Yes, Evil Dead series, Xena, Hercules etc) without the comedy, all killer no filler.
Only sad thing is the main actor who played Spartacus had to resign after season 1...he got cancer...replacement is alright but just does not have the screen presence that Andy Whitfield commanded.

4. Arrow - Getting better as it goes along - interestingly enough that one of the main actors that from Spartacus has been cast in Arrow.

5. Game of Thrones

Noting that my top 5 are all violent...I do watch How I Met Your Mother too...
I love Arrow. I'm a huge comic book geek and well done comic book TV series are few and far between.
Actually add movies into that as well. I really really can't stand the latest crop of Marvel movies, all action and "oh look at me I'm so cool" characters. Marvel characters do not lend themselves to movies well. Blade 1 and maybe the latest Pumisher movie are the only decent ones in a long long time.

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