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Originally Posted by Krotak View Post
Hey people! It's less than a month to the beginning of the World Championship and the situation with our NT looks even "worse" than last year Maybe it means we will get gold medal this time

Seriously it's bad considering about 13 players refused to join NT for various reasons On the other side this year it's perfect time to give a chance on youngsters Then add some veterans and it can be quite a good Championship (Hopefully they won't be relegated )... especially for the future of Slovak hockey.

There's nothing to envy to Mr. Vůjtek, but I believe he has got "balls" to do some tough decisions once again. Maybe they won't reach quarter-final this WC, but It's not such a big tragedy for me. Not this time .

Call me crazy, but I would like to see a team like this on the WC. This is the best scenario for me, considering all the circumstances:

Gáborík - Bližňák - Pánik
Záborský - Kopecký - Radivojevič
Šatan - Kukumberg - Hudáček L.
Vandas - Stűmpel - Haščák
Šťastný - Daňo

Jurčina - Sekera
Graňák - Marinčin
Štajnoch - Sersen
Hraško - Ďaloga

Hudáček J.

What do you thing about it?

Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
I'd be surprised if Zaborsky agrees to play for Slovakia, in recent years it seems he always finds a reason to say no to NT.

And Panik will likely be back down the Syracuse in the AHL for a playoff run since they are a good team so I would think he wouldn't be coming to WC.
As Holden Caulfield has said Pánik most likely won't be available. Vujtek has mentioned it after his overseas trip that both Pánik and Tatar will likely be sent to the AHL and won't be released for IHWC. There's a chance that Tatar could be traded still though so who knows. Vujtek never mentioned Marinčin during the overseas trip, which gives a pretty good view on whether they are counting with him or not, seems not, but even if they are he might also still be in play-offs. Gábborík I think chances are pretty high there will be some injury found or something there. I don't think Šatan will recover from his injury in order to play and it's probably best for his health if he doesn't. As for Záborský according to Vujtek he's been rehabilitating some kind of injurz orsomething and is expected to join the team in a few days time.I think chances are that he knows that this is basically his last chance and nt coming would mean throwing away the Olympics. Graňák has had some serious health trouble during the season, so I wouldn't count too much on him. As for the goalies, Janus might still bolt to the Bolts, but even if he doesn't I don't think they will be taking both him and Hudáček. Well, it will be interesting to say the least this year...

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