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04-02-2013, 03:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
Once more thing that I want to point out: the Rangers are anywhere near a conversation about contention only because they stumbled upon Lundqvist 4 years before the rebuilding began. It was pure dumb luck.

If we didn't let draft Lundqvist, we'd have failed to make the playoffs most of the years since 2005, and the franchise would've been an Islanders-like joke... without John Tavares.

Let me be the first one to say this: as soon as Lundqvist begins to show signs of slowing down (or if he leaves as a free agent), we should rebuild and do it hardcore. Trade everyone over the age of 27 because rebuilding takes at least a half a dozen years (a draft pick takes 2-3 years to make the NHL, then 2-3 more years until he learns what to do in the NHL and that's assuming everything goes perfectly. And we will need more than one draft, even if we acquire a whole bunch of draft picks, so a half dozen years is a very low estimate).

I mean everyone: Staal, Girardi, Callahan, everyone should go as soon as Lundqvist is no longer with the team or is reduced by age to no more than an average goalie. This probably will not take place for a while, as goalies last longer than skaters, but when it does happen, I want everyone over 27 gone for picks and prospects.
i wonder if they would have just tried for more free agents. or gone for a full-on rebuild. interesting.

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