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Originally Posted by Orpheus View Post
So I had played a Wii U before today, but finally got my hands on it in my own household (borrowed it) and wanted to just give some impressions because while I had a positive experience overall, some things seemed really off:


1) Maybe it's my weird sound setup, but I cannot get the system to output as non-HDMI when I have my HDMI plugged in. With my PS3 (and Wii and PC) I utilize a different cable or red/white parts of a cable to hook into my surround sound system, but with the Wii U picking a separate audio output doesn't seem possible. So my only options were play games in SD, HD with only tablet sound or plug the Wii U tablet headphone jack into my surround sound system. This is extremely cumbersome.

2) The load times are ridiculous. When I was trying to tweak the settings it was taking forever to jump around between screens. Feels like they should keep the main options menu stored somewhere in memory because you'll be going right back to it after tweaking the audio and video. I know they are fixing this, but still, yeesh it was bad.

3) Minor gripe but I borrowed the system and the controllers for it and now I have 5 different controllers sitting on my desk (Tablet, 2 Wiimotes with their nunchucks and 2 pro controllers). Syncing and pairing everything was a bit of a pain, but minor complaint.

I enjoyed what I played of Nintendoland but found some of the control decisions downright baffling. Like the Zelda minigame, why can I aim left and right with the left stick but not up and down when I have my bow drawn? Some things felt like control was being taken away from me just to point out "Oh hey look, a tablet!"

It's not a bad system actually, just seems like Nintendo should have maybe taken an extra 3 months with it to iron out some of these things before shipping it.

Other random thing I noticed: The 3DS (non-XL) screen feels tiny and my hands get cramped trying to play it. Is this me holding it wrong or is it just really like that if you have big hands?
For the sound HDMI to your TV and then Digital Audio Cable from the TV to your Surround Sound Receiver.

Sorry what does the 3DS have to do with the Wii U?

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