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04-02-2013, 06:26 AM
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Originally Posted by tade View Post
Never. Brutal, horrible trade for Flyers. I don't really want moody russian player, without defense like Yakupov and Paajarvi who's I think nothing more than 3rd liner. This would be horrible for Flyers. The price for both Simmonds and Couturier is so high as you probably can't even imagine.

Sean Couturier is more talented and more effective for the team than Yakupov ever will be, face it.

Wayne Simmonds is excellent young, gritty, power forward for 2nd line and power play. He's also talented with good hands. I exactly know why Edmonton fans wants him but he is not going moved. He will stay in Philly.
More talented? Have you ever even watched Yakupov or Paajarvi play?

Paajarvi has made major improvements after a slow start and is finally using his speed and size to drive the net. That being said simmonds holds more value as Paajarvi's offense is still a question mark.

However, to say Couturier is more skilled and will be more effective than Yakupov will ever be is laughable. Yaks already put up much better rookie numbers and is much more likely to become an offensive superstar than Couturier. Not to say Couturier won't be a solid 60+point guy with a great defensive game but he doesn't have the offensive upside that Yakupov does.

Would say no to this deal from an Oiler perspective because you don't give up on first overall picks with stamkos like potential (no I'm not saying he will ever reach stamkos level, but its entirely possible that he will be a ppg 40 goal scorer someday).

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