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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
That couple of hits is many more than previous years. I think perhaps the rule changes mandate KA wrap less and hit more.

Green, i may differ. he was never a big hitter. When he did hit, they were huge hits. I think either he knows his shoulders are too important to his game, or the IIRC suspension he got made him re-think, why bother. No one else hits, why should it.

I watch other teams on odd occassion, the every team I watch collectively seems to hit more than our guys do. Why aren't their coaches telling them not to hit?
I totally agree that other teams seem far more physical on D than we are. Its pretty embarrassing actually.

Part of that is the roster makeup though and I think GMGM realized that by going out to get Oleksy. We haven't had both Erskine and Oleksy in the lineup together for many games at all so I'll wait to pass judgement there.

I think Green is different as he has had a run of injuries, plays alot of minutes, is the target of pretty much every team (if he wasn't a threat they wouldn't target him like they do) so Oates probably told him to avoid the physical parts of the game. I've observed that he is dodging far more hits this year from forcheckers.

I don't think its cowardice on his part. I think its a directive from Oates to preserve him and let other guys do the physical part.

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