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04-02-2013, 09:32 AM
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Had my first game of Spring league, first game in a new league as well.

On the plus side, the tempo/skill is a little lower than I've been playing the last couple years, so hopefully I can get my confidence going. Coming off a down year. And the rinks are a little smaller at this arena which means a little less skating which is always good.

On the down side, didn't play well, was exhausted on the ice, couldn't keep my feet moving, and wasn't shooting the puck well at all. I had a goal on the rush that beat the goalie literally on the ice, pipe in, but I was shooting high glove...ugh.

Lots of work to do.

Also, quit drinking last weekend, indefinitely. Noticed when I tracked calories for a few weeks that my food intake was typically under maintenance during the week and any time I had a few drinks, I would eat way, way more food than I need. Got into a bad habit of having lots of drinks on the weekend and eating food late into the night. Just disgusting and stupid.

Weekend was a little wonky as I'm used to tipping back a few so I was a bit out of it, wiped out feeling, and nauseous. Probably a good sign I had to cut back anyway.

So between that, the weekly skate, and working out twice a week with my kettlebell, I hope to hell I get in some kind of decent shape this summer. Oh, and getting some new tires for my bike and riding around with my girlfriend. And going to the park with my kid and running around when it gets nice out.

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