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04-02-2013, 10:10 AM
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Epic Games says the Wii U can run Unreal 4

Originally Posted by Lolipops View Post
At a conference, filled with major third party developers...

Unreal Engine 3 was one of the most used engines last gen, which the Wii was not powerful enough to run, losing out on many games like Batman Arkham City, Bioshock and Borderlands. Now the next engine, which will be supported by PS4,X720,Vita and iOS, will not be heading for the WiiU.

Not only that, we have major developers like Rockstar and EA laughing at the WiiU. And just yesterday I believe, EA announced that the WiiU will not have Frostbite engine support.

This does not sit well with third party support, WiiU will be missing many next gen games. I already regret my WiiU purchase

Epic Games says the Wii U can run Unreal 4

Mark Rein backtracks his statement that Unreal 4 will not be possible on the Wii U:

And from Last Year:

Unreal Engine 4 Can Run on Wii U:

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