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12-27-2003, 02:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Mayhem
I can only speak for myself but I am far from blaming Mike O'Connel for the Bruins current plight. I'm am actually quite surprised by your response to these posts I believe its the first time I have seen you on here a bit testy in a bit. In any case my point was in striving for perfection looking at this team from last year to thie current season it is clear that the team does not have a head and shoulders above the rest leader. And maybe that is something that MOC could have adressed in the off-season. But like I said in my previous post that is the one negative that I could find think of and that is really digging deep. The positive contributions that Mr. O had made far outweigh the few negatives that maybe attributed to him. Despite having his hands tied by a frugal owner he has managed to pull off some pretty good trades and couple that with his solid drafting and you have a winner on your hands as far as I am concerned. But unfortunately despite what he has brought to the organization it appears as though if the Bruins current swoon continues all the targets have been painted on MOC, and he is going to be the fall guy.
well said- I have a cold and can't do to much other than watch TV, mess with the computer (way to much time here today) and try and figure out these toys- but kids want to go over neighbors houses to play with THEIR stuff so I sit in sickness defending MOC hey, they lose 4 or 5 more in the next week he's probably gone. I just see a solid base here that he implemented. Harry should tell JJ this and maybe he has. I wouldn't make ANY major changes until after the CBA mess is resolved. My biggest concern is that the drafting will go back to the old ways. My friend who is a Western scout and no fan of the Bruins organization has told me repeatedly these guys (Bradley, Coady, MOC et al) are tireless and damn good. Thats why I am ticked off. He says they have done a very good job and in time the organization is going to be stocked with very good players. My other buddy who I may see in an hour told me he knows the Col coach and people all thru college hockey where he is involved and said Stuart is a man/child. He could be a huge player in Boston- and he's not talking size. I was even told that watch Morrisonn down the line that he's so young but so much upside that he too could be very good- he's got some ways to go but don't throw him out just yet. He's going to fill out, understand the situations better and play along time in the NHL.

When I hear things like this yah, "lets fire MOC" I get irked. You think he wanted to not sign Guerin AFTER first year and then use CBA as a crutch? You think he wanted to pull Allison's contract after 9/11 and do the Nomah market correction thing with Allison that sent him into a expletive rage and ask for Harry to handle negotiations? MOC as a GM whose job is based quite a bit on wins and losses wants the best players on the ice. It would reason if at all possible that if MOC had it his way the lines above would have been part of the team the Broons trot out onto the ice tonight in Tampa. BUT he would have had to pay Allison the $6 and $7 mil he was offered initially and the $7-7.5 it would have taken to retain Guerin (4 years at near or above 30 mil after first year). The payroll would probably be top 6 but the Broons would probably be top one if healthy. JJ weighed each situation and what it would mean to Samsonov and Thornton and didn't go that way. I can not blame and agree that a payroll around 10 in 30 team league is somewhat fair- but I'd be a bit slow to fire MOC after looking at his body of work.

What Jacobs wants IS A BODY. Its election year stuff to get a message to the voting or paying public in his case.

My problem is when I read posts that MOC was slow to address the defense transition game- huh? check out his drafts, his restraints, his moves. You think he knew Girard would suffer a horrific accident. Hey ***** happens. Nobody cares really about the Broons today anyways as its all Sox and Pats and JJ should look at the long range view and worry about the team AFTER we know the rules of the game. To blow it up is ludicrous and reactionary. BUT a fish rots from the head down and JJ has looked around the saloon and knows he can't kill the barkeep, the paino player or any of the dancing girls. So be it- but he better bring in Burke or Lou or Meisterbruinmaker to run this team AND more importantly leave all the boys from Gorton to Coady to Bradley to Dore in place because Toivonen, Bergeron, Stuart are just three names from the last two drafts and you could go from 1984 to 1996 and not find three or probably one guy that has their talent.

I'll watch like the rest of us and see if the CBA reels in the Rangers and others like major league baseball did with all teams except the Yankees. I'll see if the Broons swap a signifcant forward player today or tomorrow as I was told for a defenseman- and if they lose MOC goes but it may not be a good decision long term.

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